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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Daniel Johnston- Love Not Dead

Me siento algo extraña y Johnston me da el empujón final para determinar en cuál esquina me quedo. Algo de sol y una canción (con ciertos cambios de género) mientras muere el día.

Love Not Dead
Daniel Johnston - Fear Yourself (2003)

It was love at first sight
And when I talked to her (him)
It was the beginning of a real good time
All I knew was her (him)
And when I came around
Love had lingered on my mind

She (he) said on the telephone
She (he) wished me well
I was so alive with a spell
Then as I hung up early
I realized
I've been dead for so long

All my memories of her (him)
Like a fading light I suffer
Thinking of our love for so long
Back in the early days
I saw a lot of her (him)
She (he) was the coolest girl (boy) in town

And when I saw her (him) standing there
Everything was all right
I took a journey in my mind
And as I saw her (his) beauty
She (he) was so kind
That was a good time

Everyday we met it was wild
I felt like a child
I loved to see her (his) smile
And as I played piano
I was so inspired
I always had a real good time

And when last we met
I just can't forget
I thought for sure I loved her (his) bad
I just can't ignore
Her (his) loving response
I always knew she'd (he) be all right

She (he) made me think I was okay
And the love seemed so real
I still got feelings for her (him)
And when I'm on tour
Singing about her (his) forever
I'll remember her (his) blessings and the good times we had
I really tried to play the game of love
And I hate to loose
Maybe I can win somehow
And so I'll dream of her
For a thousand years
Until I see another girl (boy)

That's the way it always was
That's the way it always was
That's the way it always was


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