Sophia Pop

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Boys Least Likely To - Be Gentle with Me

Staring up into the solar system,
All the stars are fixed up in the sky.
I just want to sparkle for a moment
Before I just fizzle out and die.

I'm happy because I'm stupid.
Scared of spiders, scared of flying.
If I wasn't so happy,
I wouldn't be so scared of dying.

So just be gentle with me
(I'm not as young as I was)
And I'll be gentle with you
I'm not as brave as I thought
'Cause my heart gets broken so easily.
So just be gentle, be gentle with me.

Wide awake, waiting like a target
Listening for things I cannot see.
Insects flutter up against my window.
I don't like the way they look at me

i guess I've always needed
To be needed by someone.
It's a comforting feeling
Being under someone's thumb.

So just be gentle with me
(And if I am ever mean)
And I'll be gentle with you
I never mean to be mean
'Cause I want to pick peaches off of a cherry tree.
Just be gentle, be gentle, be gentle,
Be gentle with me.

So just be gentle with me
Trouble is sometimes
And I'll be gentle with you
I just can't switch myself off
When I want to so I never do
Because I'm mental, be gentle, be gentle,
Just be gentle, be gentle, be gentle
And I'll be gentle, be gentle, be gentle,be gentle with you.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Pancakes - Prince de La Bun

The Pancakes is a Hong Kong based one-girl band consisting of independent singer-songwriter Dejay Choi. The music of the Pancakes is characterized by Dejay's very innocent, almost child-like voice with bright and catchy melodies. The Pancakes has also written songs for multiple McDull movies such as Prince de La Bun ("Gum, Gum, Gum"). Dejay also the voice talent for Miss Chan in all the McDull films. The track "越過高山" (Over the mountain) is a Cantonese track yet it retain's Dejay's style of childlike voices and simple melodies.